Childhood games growing up in Nigeria

Childhood games growing up in Nigeria

Ten ten childhood nigerian game

Suwe childhood gamed played in nigeria

These are some of the best Childhood games from growing up in Nigeria.

Being raised in Naija is at times a rollercoaster but one thing it'll surely give you is fun and beautiful memories, it could be from the "Party Jollofs, the Owanbe parties, mothers making a show of disciplining their children and the hide and seek romance that would get us in trouble if
our parents found out.

Today we'll be taking away games you may have played as a child, get ready for the nostalgia.

Mummy and Daddy:

This is one that almost all of us indulged in and if our parents knew half the things we tried out in pretending to act, they'd keep us locked in for life.

Police and thief:

This more often than not ended up in tears as the losing team were almost always sore losers.


I never learnt to play this because the formation always stressed me and growing up I've convinced myself I'm ADHD but I'm sure some of you can relate to this.


Hide and Seek:

This is one game that every one must have participated in at one point of their lives.

Tyre cars:

This one was simply hilarious and it just goes to show how the imaginations of children are beautiful, we'd roll a tyre around and pretend to ride a car and it'd always make us so happy.

There are so many other childhood games but these are a few I can recall, if you never did any of these games, what were you doing as a child?
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