Breathing problems but life goes on

Breathing problems but life goes on

Breathing is essential,problems are inevitable.How do we carry on?

When we were young we were taught to walk, to eat, there was always a hand held out to us that kept us afloat. The hand that held you from falling as you take your first steps.

The voices you hear as you shakingly hold
up the spoon to your lips, when we were young, breathing was natural. As we grow older, it feels like we are stuck in a limbo, not moving because there is no hand to guide us and starving ourselves because we are too scared it'll all come crashing down.

Breathing has become so hard and you have to remind yourself that dying without truly living would haunt you more, death is no longer a solace.

There'll be days when you may feel less than and you'll cry yourself to sleep, breathing is hard. You remember the warm hands that hugged you as you took your first steps alone, the lips that kissed your cheek as you wobbled from one spot to where you didn't have to do it alone anymore. So you close your eyes and remember why you had to live before.

You'll carry on with life, breathing. Growing up breaks us.

Mental awareness: the things that break a heart.

Adeyinka .A. Oluwademilade
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