Interesting places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Interesting places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Top and interesting places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Places you could visit in Lagos Nigeria after this pandemic.

A lot of us have made up our minds that after this pandemic we will change our habits of sitting home so much, the thought our freedom being taken away from is threatening.

Here are a few things and places you could visit around Lagos after this:

1. An art gallery: at this time of the year, the
British consulate holds events that involve art, books and Coffe (that may or may not come with snacks)the British council is located on the island, just a few steps away from the intercontinental hotel.
places to visit in Lagos Nigeria Lekki conservation centre

2. Lekki Conservation centre: this is a 78-hectare space of nature, it is located at Epe, Lekki Peninsula, all this sitting at home should help us appreciate nature more than we ever did.

3. Freedom park:
places to visit in Lagos Nigeria freedom park

At a first visit to the freedom park you could just notice the ambiance, the beauty and simplicity. They have a small restaurant that just sells food that tastes so divine. There's also the Lagos portal, the lagos portal was created to allow connections and friendship between people of different cultures and nations, basically it's a video call that allows you have a conversation with a group of people in any country. It's a must see.

4. Window shopping at the Ikeja City mall:

This might probably not sound as interesting but you should definitely try it, the ocean basket at the mall has the best seafood meals.

5. Visit Fela's shrine:

You could visit the shrine on Thursdays, you might just get to watch a free show by Femi Kuti.

6. The Jazzhole:

If you love books and coffee, why haven't you put the Jazzhole on your bucket list?

7. The University of Suya: if you are a foodie or just strictly a fan of Suya, visit the University of Suya located at Allen Avenue, Ikeja and enjoy juicy barbecued meat.

8. Nike Art gallery

9. Terra culture

10. The beach:

All over Lagos, there a number of beaches to pick from, pack up a picnic basket for yourself, get your beach outfits and flip flops and go watch the waves dance.

There are so many fun things to do when you are not home and bored, so make a bucket list and pray the pandemic blows over soon.
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