Controversial life of Regina Daniels Nwoko

Controversial life of Regina Daniels Nwoko

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The young controversial actress Regina Daniels, was born 10th of October 2000, the 19 year old actress was born in Nigeria.

She is the daughter of popular Nollywood actress Rita Daniels, the young actress started her acting career at age seven. She got support from her mother, she starred in her first movie "Marriage of sorrow" which
supposedly earned her 10,000 naira.

The young actress first started gaining controversy when every year from 2016, on her birthdays, she'd claim to be 16 years old. Her fans started questioning her, they wanted to know why she was hiding her age, but the actress kept mute and refused to acknowledge the claims.

On the 20th of November 2017, the actress was allegedly involved in a scandal, it was claimed that she was involved in obtaining intimate photos of an aspiring young actress. In a Facebook post made by a Nigerian blogger Amanda Chisom, there was a claim by the victim that she sent her intimate pictures to Regina Daniels and was asked by the actress to meet with a producer who would supposedly train her on being a better actress. It was also said that after the meeting,Regina Daniels got angry at the aspiring actress for not offering herself to the producer. On the 22nd of November 2017, the actress denied all allegations claiming a fan had used her name to dupe the aspiring actresses. The next day, the impersonator was arrested by the police and the actress was exonerated from all accusations.

On January 2019, Regina was appointed the Youth Campaign Coordinator for Atiku Abubakar. By February 2020 ,she also launched a magazine name after her at an hotel in Abuja.

 Regina Daniels Wedding ...

 Regina Daniel's House Gift To Mum

Regina gained even more notoriety with her marriage to Billionaire Ned Nwoko, it came as a shock to many as fans asked why she was getting married at age 19 to someone who was older than her by 3 decades.
Her husband Ned Nwoko's age is 59 years old.He was born in 1960.
Blogs speculated that the billionaire might have been her financial sponsor,which prompted her to accept his marriage proposal. There were also speculations that she was coerced into the marriage by her mother Rita Daniels to fund their expensive lifestyle.
With her mother.

Her wedding and introduction was a huge deal among Nigerians who could not stop debating why such a young girl would marry a man with such a huge age gap.Most of the women supported her,while the men mostly were against her choice.
Regina currently has no children.
 It is not known if she lives with hubby in the same house or if she lives in a separate house,as Ned is married ro several women,but we know she bought a house for her mother,some have speculated the house is actually her's and her mother just lives with her.

The young actress is popular on social media and frequently flaunts her wealth and toys.She can be regularly seen posing in exotics cars and in private jets.
Her net worth is said to be in the regiin of $500,000!

The couple are still married and constantly leave tongues wagging as many still refuse to believe the young actress might actually love her husband.
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