Corona virus and dangers posed to mental health

Corona virus and dangers posed to mental health

Corona virus and mental health news

Coronavirus and mental health.
While the Covid-19 virus might be an infectious it might be disastrous for the ones that are not of a strong mental health.

People with mental health issues have more to do with as the scare of this pandemic might be more harmful to them, the constant updates on the confirmed cases
and the number of deaths to date, could be extremely overwhelming and make them feel restless. Also the spread of rumors and speculations can add fuel to anxiety, which is why obtaining good information or staying away from too much information might be healthy.
Coronavirus and mental health dangers

Finding a balance between digesting important updates and reducing the irrelevant informations that could put us at high risk of depression is important.

A few tips that can be helpful when seeking for information about the covid-19 virus updates include:

Avoid listening to conspiracy theories

Seek for trustworthy  information from WHO or the NCDC

Muting groups and hiding posts if they get too overwhelming.

Stay off social media if it gets too much for you.

Your mental health should be of strict importance on a normal day but during this time of the covid-19 virus it is necessary to keep sane and calm to avoid health complications. Stay positive and stay safe!
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