Lagos state and Nigerian govt may extend lockdown

Lagos state and Nigerian govt may extend lockdown

Nigeria covid 19 news today about extending lockdown

Nigeria coronavirus news update.The federal government and Lagos state plan possible extension of the 2 weeks lockdown.

The government is discussing possible
extensions of the lockdown as Nigerians have refused to adhere to the the rules of the lockdown.

The cases of the covid-19 virus skyrocketed from less than a hundred to over two hundred within a week, with the NCDC recording 4 deaths.

The government has said there is a possibility that the lockdown that should be ending by next week may be extended by a week due to the disobedience of Nigerians who are flouting the rules of the lockdown and are still holding parties, opening their business and not staying home increasing the risks of the covid 19 spreading.
Lagos state govenor on the other hand,made it known that if he feels the lives of the citizens could be at risk and if cases get worse,he will most likely extend the lockdown to ensure the safety of Lagosians.
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