Fun challenges during covid 19 corona isolation

Fun challenges during covid 19 corona isolation

Things to do in corona virus covid 19 isolation

Fun things to do at covid 19 corona virus isolation.

There are so many trends going on right now, things that might help you bond with your families. Everyday is a Saturday now with this isolation but it feels more official on a Saturday.

Here are a few challenges you can join

The #nobodybrushchallenge

This Saturday could also be the time to join the gang of money heist and catch you to the fun stuff you missed during the busy days of working.

Spoiler alert: Nairobi was shot.

The how to get away with murder series already released their sixth season and you practically have all the time in the world to watch it.

You could join the squad starting up a blog or a vlog, the world is practically at a standstill and people will be looking at for great content to watch, this could be the big break you've been praying for.

There are so many things to keep yourself busy without going out and being at risk of contacting the virus, stay safe and have fun.
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