Dead Nigerian corona patient put Nigerians at risk

Dead Nigerian corona patient put Nigerians at risk

Nigeria corona virus news update

Nigerian Dead corona virus patient that put health workers and citizens at risk.

One out of the 4 covid-19 patient is said to have put the lives of he and the attending health workers of Luth (Lagos university
teaching hospital) at risk.

The patient was allegedly brought to the hospital by his family after he started showing symptoms of the covid-19 virus but his family denied him coming in contact with any one with the virus, they also denied that the patient travelled or returned from out of the country prior to his illness.

The patient was however tested and it was found that he in fact did have the virus and further investigations proved that he did in fact return from outside the country but by the time this was found out, he and his family had already put the health workers in danger of contacting the virus.

The patient is now recorded as one of the dead covid-19 virus patients but Twitter and Instagram users are now calling for the arrest of his family for putting the health workers and other unsuspecting patients in Luth at risk.
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