Cossy Orjiakor profile and biography

Cossy Orjiakor profile and biography

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Cossy Orjiakor biography.The actress and video vixen was born on October 16 in Anambra State. The actress graduated from the University of Nigeria with a second class upper in accounting and management. She also earned her master's degree from the
Lagos State University.
She came to prominence when she featured in Obesere's apple juice video.
Rumours of a relationship between the two swiftly followed,but the singer has come out to refute those claims.
He swore in the name of God that he never had anything to do with her and didn't even have her phone number as of the time they were working together.

Cossy is known controversially for flaunting her boobs at events, she often describes them as a gift from God. She rose to fame by a push from her large breasts. She is also described at the "boob star" of Nollywood.
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She is currently still single and has stated that becoming mother is a higher priority for her than marriage. She also once took to social media to defend a man arrested by the Nigerian police for naming his dog buhari, Cossy claimed she had named her dogs Buhari and Jonathan while daring security officials to arrest her as a way to advocate for the rights of the common man.

Cossy has often ventured into many aspects of entertainment, she has featured as a video vixen in music videos, She is an active actress and she also has an album to her name. Her debut album Nutty Queen was released in 2013, She claimed the album conveys important lessons for the masses.

Cossy has acted in movies like Anini, Amobi, Itohan and the popular Papa Ajasco among others.
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