Dino Melaye news,children,wife,cars,house,net worth,biography

Dino Melaye news,children,wife,cars,house,net worth,biography

dino melaye biography,

Dino Melaye latest news:The popular Nigerian senator was born in Kano State on the 1st of January 1974,making him 46 years old, but he is an indigene of Kogi state. Dino has occupied various political roles during his young age.

Melaye was the head boy in his primary and secondary days. A student union leader at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where he studied Geography before he headed to the National Association Of Nigerian Students (NANS) as its president. He afterwards became the Secretary General of African Youth Council and then that of the Common Wealth Youth Council. Dino went on to win the African
Youth of the Year Award among other citizens of 54 competing commonwealth countries in 2005. He was afterwards by Presidential Advisory Council on Youths.

Melaye was elected member of the Senate having won the senatorial election that was held on April 28, 2015. He was also a former member of the house of representatives. Dino once said that he is an ambitious person and he would one day love to be the President of Nigeria.

Dino Melaye is an outspoken citizen, he publicly supported the nomination of Senator Bukola Saraki for the office of President of the Senate against the wishes of his party.

Dino is a controversial politician, he was once once involved in a clash with Mrs Remi Tinubu where he alleged that she had called him a "dog". Dino is also at loggerheads with Yahaya Bello, the governor of his state (Kogi) he is on the verge of moving back to PDP.
Dino Melaye and wife
On his wedding day.
dino melaye father
with his father and children.

Dino Melaye wife
with first wife and his children.
Dino Melaye and Alero Falope
with Alero

Melaye is currently unmarried after divorcing his wife Tokunbo Melaye who he was married to for10 years, she however filed for divorce after claims of domestic violence, where she alleged that he beat her up and also pointed a gun to her head. Shortly after the divorce he moved another woman by name Alero Falope into the home that he shared with Tokunbo. She however moved out 6 months later. Dino had his first wife had 3 children together.

Dino has an incredible taste for cars and his cars collection is one of the most elaborate of any public figure in Nigeria.You can feast your eyes on some of them below.He also has a very beautiful house in Abuja,which is more suited to being called a mansion rather than a house.
His dad is still alive,but his mother sadly died in 2019.

Dino is a wealthy senator who owns many assets and properties, his estimated net worth is rumoured to be $10 million.

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inside dini melaye house

dino melaye mother grave
His mothers grave

dino melaye mother's grave

dino melaye mother burial
dini melaye mother
His mother.

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