Unmarked desires-poetry

Unmarked desires-poetry

Poem about desire

Unmarked Desires,a poem.

You want the things that are far beyond your reach,
You want love but you're scared of relationships and worried about heartbreaks.
You crave the good things a lover can provide yet you turn down your suitors.
To you, being lonely is much better than being in love.

You want to be happy but you're stuck in a stagnant place.
You can't chase that which will make you happy so you settle for momentary joy,
Play the fool because you're too scared to make a stand for yourself and go after your dreams.

You want to fly, taste the flavour of the clouds
But you're bound to earth.
Your eyes look towards the sky,
Making wishes you know will never come true.

You want to be a star,
Shine so bright in the dark
And be content in knowing that you're surrounded by people just like you.
However, you forget, stars don't shine at dawn.

You have demons who would rather see you burn,
You're a warrior, fighting them is a chore for you
And you grow weary after each battle.
You plan to make a name for yourself but your ink only spills blood.

You want to be happy because you truly deserve to be
Yet, life plays against you and you find yourself back at the windowsill, talking to the moon.
© Adeyinka A. Ayomitide (Ayusco)
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