Twenties girl by Kinsella Sophie book review

Twenties girl by Kinsella Sophie book review

Twenties girl by Sophie kinsella book review,

Book Review: Twenties girl.

The Twenties girl written in 2009 by Sophie Kinsella is a thrilling romance/adventure novel that tells the story of Lara who on the funeral of a great aunt that she never met starts seeing the ghost of said aunt Sadie Lancaster in her twenties.

Lara at first is puzzled and is sure she is hallucinating but Sadie convinces her that she is real, charging her to find a necklace she had spent most of her youth with. Claiming she would never be
able to rest in peace if the necklace wasn't hung around her neck.

Lara and Sadie's journey to recover the necklace has both of them imprinting things from their centuries into each other's lives. Sadie helps in exposing a long age evil in the family and her meddling ways destroy every chance of Lara getting back with an ex boyfriend she thought loved her but Sadie also brought another man into the life of her Great Niece who she felt was empty and was grasping at straws to survive.

This book has all the feels of love, Family, Pride and pain of loss unexpected. It is all in all an amazing read.

Adeyinka Atilola.
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