Kano death toll Nigeria update

Kano death toll Nigeria update

kano death toll Nigeria,

Kano deaths.

Kano Coronavirus-In recent times of the virus, there have been countless confirmed cases with it now numbering 1,573 confirmed cases and 44 deaths. It has in a way kept Nigerians at ease that the death rate is slow but it may seem that is not the case at all.

Kano state has reportedly recorded 600 deaths in the last two weeks, while the government have denied all claims of this being as a result of the spread of the virus with the people of Kano refusing
to perform autopsies on the dead body to confirm the cause of death claiming it is against their religion.

kano death toll,

The dead bodies continue to pile up in the cemetery with scarce places to bury the death. Kano having just one isolation centre may make it extremely hard for many to get tested in a short amount of time and in a long period there may be a bigger spike up in the deaths recorded.

While Nigerians hope it is not as an effect of the virus, any other reasons would only be more chaotic because it would be scary to note another cause of death other than the Covid-19 virus which has no cure recorded to date.
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