DIY tips for women while at home

DIY tips for women while at home

Diy tips for women to understand

DIY tips you could learn while you are at home. (For women)

While you are at home with your fiancee's, Hubbies and boyfriends, you can show them a few tips you've learnt that will definitely motivate them to help out with household

1. Change the fixture of light in your home:
You could learn to change the light bulb at home, it's quite easy. If you are still lost head on to YouTube to learn helping tips to hasten your speed.

2. Hang art pieces on the wall: all you need is a nail and hammer, drill a whole into the wall and hang that family picture you've placed on a shelf on the wall.

3. Repairing a leaky tap:
The constant sounds of a tap dripping can be irritating so here's an idea, head on to leaking taps for fix-it-tips.

4. Patching a hole in the wall or net:

While you are home, check out YouTube to learn how easy it can be to fix up a wall that has been drilled open by a doorknob or incessant rodents.

There are so many fun tips to learn and things to try while you are home and bored so, head on to YouTube and learn a few things you can brag about.
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