Katherine Schwarzenegger pregnant photo

Katherine Schwarzenegger pregnant photo

Katherine Schwarzenegger pregnant with first child photo
Katherine Schwarzenegger pregnant: The daughter of actor Arnold,is expecting her first child with husband,Chris Pratt. 
The couple are said to be over the moon about the news.They got marries last year 8th of June.
Even though this would be the couple's first child,Chris already has a son with his ex wife,Anna Faris.
And indication shows he loves kids,because when he was asked a few months ago what his "perfect future" looked like,he replied, "The future? Oh, lots of kids." 

On saturday,the family were spotted riding their bicycles in Los Angeles,Katherine's dad
Arnold came along for the ride as all three made a day of it,both men spotting face masks due to the corona virus pandemic.
The gist is,she was hiding her baby bump,but what was she supposed to do,wear a cropped top exposing her bare stomach?
The bump was there and clear to see,nothing was hidden there in my opinion,well,except  maybe for the baby hiding in her,hahahaha.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and husband chris pratt after pregnancy revelation

dad of Katherine Schwarzenegger arnold

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