OBJ to Vikings rumour trades Odell Beckham Jr to Minnesota

OBJ to Vikings rumour trades Odell Beckham Jr to Minnesota

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OBJ to Vikings rumour has set sports fans alightbwith excitement.Odell Beckham Jr., could be traded to the Minnesota if stories going round are ro be believed. 
The trade rumor, which should be taken with a vat of salt for now, comes from Marc "Moose" Malusis, co-host of "Moose and Maggie" on iconic New York City radio station
AM 660 WFAN.
"Last night, I get a text from a good, well-placed source who basically said don't be surprised if you see Odell Beckham Jr. get traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a 2 and a 5 next year," Malusis said, with the 2 and 5 referencing second- and fifth-round draft picks going back to Cleveland. 
Odell beckham jr to minnesota vikings in trade

"That's what he was hearing. He said don't be surprised if that deal does not happen. It's not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination, but the Cleveland Browns are having conversations with the Minnesota Vikings and there have been talks about Odell getting dealt to Minnesota and the cost back in return, as of within the last 48 hours, is a 2 and a 5 that would go back to Cleveland." 
What makes this more super interesting,is the fact that Vikings radio play-by-play voice Paul Allen says his source calls the report "fake news." 
Odell beckham jr vikings

While Malusis on the other hand says he trusts his source.
So who are you gonna believe?

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