Where is want be a millionaire cheater Charles Ingram now

Where is who wants to be a millionaire cheat charles ingram and his wife diana

Charles Ingram where is he now? Surely you remember the who wants to be a millionaire cheat.
To refresh your memory,It was precisely 20 years ago autumn of 2001, Major Ingram did the unthinkable by 'cheating' his way to the jackpot on the biggest show on TV at the time, with help from his wife Diana and his friend, Tecwen Whittock, who seemed to have cough at key moments during Charles' time in the hot seat, to indicate correct answers,
including the £1million question.
The actual episode itself was never shown on Tv,there was no point apparently,although it surfaced during the trial in 2003.
There is a dramatization of the whole thing currently on Tv with that iconic momeny due to be shown on wednesday evening.

So where is he now? Well,he kept to himself at his home in Westbury, Wilts, selling jewellery made by his wife Diana on a market stall.

He was last spotted selling jewellery in a Christmas market stall in Bath last year 2019, he had declared himself as bankrupt for the fourth time just months before.
In case you want to see that episode...here it is..only 5 mins

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