Owanbe party is a must for you to experience

Owanbe party is a must for you to experience

Owambe party,Reasons why you need to attend and experience this Nigerian social experience at least once in a lifetime.

If you live in Nigeria and you have never ever attended an Owanbe, then you need to create a new to do list. Here are a few reasons you definitely have to attend a
Yoruba party.

1. The drama:

Yorubas naturally have a dramatic flair, so when you are invited to a party they are hosting like a wedding, be ready to see a lot of dramatic happenings. It could be from how the groom and bride's family will more often than not try to one up each other, it could be from how guests don't understand the "stay in your seats food will get to you" sentence, they'll still get up to go wherever the food is being served, they are that dramatic.

They will also definitely cause a scene when the bride and groom are entering the receptions of a wedding, those people will take 30 minutes to make a 2 minutes walk with lot of screaming and dancing competition, it might be dramatic but you'd enjoy every part of it.

2. The outfits:

Nigerians generally love dressing up and throwing "gbas gbos" with their outfits but the outfits at a Yoruba owanbe are on another level of crazy, it's one thing you'll always look forward to. These people will dress so much they may even look better than the host of the part and the way they'll stunt into the part with their in-born dramatic flair will leave you shocked, the way their "gele" will stand so firm on their head will have you shocked. The Yoruba demons will come stunting in their agbadas and the filas looking for the next heart to break and the women with their slayed out gowns stunting and strutting is a must see.

3. The food:

This is probably the best part of a Yoruba party, they always go all out for this part especially for the swallows like "Amala and Semo with Efo riro that has a lot of meat and fish into it that'll leave you licking your fingers and forgetting you are at a party.

The way those mothers with their "Gele" get so excited whenever they see the food and the way the smiles on their faces becomes frowns when they complain that "Ounje oti de ibi o"

The jollof rice is the next best part of this, the scent will have you losing your home training before you even dig in, definitely a reason you must go to an owanbe. The bottom part of the rice especially is what will have mothers telling their children to hide more than one serving of the meal.

4. The music and dancing:

The ambiance at owanbes are naturally a lot of fun but when it's time to dance it becomes even lit and all "poshness" flies out the window, everyone gets on their feets to groove. Then it goes from a party to a club, the Fuji artistes and the excessive spraying of money like they are in a competition to see who came more prepared.

There are so many reasons to go to a Yoruba owanbe but these are some of the most important reasons and after this pandemic, if you need to shake off the cobwebs on your bodies from staying home too long, go to an owanbe.
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