Omuti(The drunkard) an African poem

Omuti(The drunkard) an African poem

Omuti the drunkard an african poetry

Alika a man whose life depends on the bottom of a bottle.
Every drop is as precious to him
As the One Ring was to Gollum
“My precious"

a man who spills his secrets on a first.
On the second, he dishes out wise words.
On the third, he becomes a philosophical
“Ile aiye ile asan"
Like the bottom is where life lies.

a man whose moods are as unstable
as his wobbly legs after every bottle.
One minute he's singing “Ma jaiye ori mi"_
The next, he's ranting and raving mad
“You're a fool too"

a man of timbre and caliber,
suffering from _oju ko kuro.
All it takes is setting his sight on a bottle
And the timbre is nowhere to be found...

*HRM_DaPsalmist : ỌMUTI*

_Ile aiye ile asan_ - a world of vanity
_Ma jaiye ori mi_ - I'll live to the fullest
_Oju ko kuro_- inability to take eyes off something
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