Teddy Riley vs Babyface instagram live battle songs

Teddy Riley vs Babyface instagram live battle songs

Teddy riley and babyface instagram live battle

Babyface Teddy Riley IG live battle and all the songs played,took fans on a journey they never wanted to end.At the peak,512,000 fans were logged in!
Unfortunately,it had to come to an end before both men peaked.
Reason for this is,both men apparently broke the net.They could not get connected
again on what would have been part 3 of the night.

We had already been treated to about 2 hours.After every hour,instagram cuts you off and you have to relog in.
So we had that once and it was ok.
But at 3a.m UK time, in what would have been the final part,both men could not get connected together.So you were either at Teddy's or Babyface's.

But the night was great,some incredible hits by people like Bobby Brown,Tevin Campbel,Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey,Doug E Fresh,Guy,TLC,Johnny Gill,Michael Jackson,Janet Jackson,Blackstreet,Whispers,just to mention a few,were played.
So.many stars were logged in as well,Janet Jackson showed up,Charlie Wikson,Mariah Carey,Snoop Dogg,Tyrese and Nas, are some that i remember.
From Africa,you had stars like Adekunle Gold,Toolz,Sarkodie,Korede Bello and Banky w.
Face told a couple of great stories.He said Michael Jackson once called him up trying to get a date with Halle Berry.Face had to call her agent to get her number for MJ.We ate not quite sure what happened between the two though with the way he ended the story.
But the most interesting revelation was that Michael Jackson and Madonna were supposed to appear in "in the closet" video together.
Now the funny part is this,Madonna wanted MJ to dress up as a girl,to sort of say he came out of the closet.Hahahahhaahha,MJ was having none of that.He complained to Baby Face about this bitterly.

Another highlight of the night was Teddy.The guy just can't sit still.Kept getting up,disappearing and reappearing.
Meanwhile,Face didn't get up a single time!
Sad thing is,they hadn't even played their biggest hits yet,they were keeping that till later,but as the saying goes,tomorrow is promised to no one.
There was a winner on the night,it was music.Music won.

A couple of video highlights for you to enjoy

@mrharribest IG

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