Will they dey us when they

Will they dey us when they

This poem speak on ills in the society that are often ignored when they should be given full attention.

*When they see us*

Another one died today, ash to ash.
It was rape yesterday,
We won the fight or so we thought.
Another one shed tears today,
She was hit, violence is the norm.

Justice died centuries ago,
Greed and Corruption killed her.
Will they ever see us?
The pain we go through, we live like death would be mercy.
When they see us, our voices would be heard.

A child, a paedophile.
Blood, injustice.
Another one swept under the rug.
We go through their phases,
When they see us, will they see us.

A battle against the system that should protect us,
Money, Blood and Power.
It's not survival of the fittest,
This is survival of who pays more.

~They'll see us~ will they see us?
When they see us,
A thousand lives lost already.
~Will they see us~

~Adeyinka Atilola~  _A tired soul_
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