Things to do after lockdown is over.

Things to do after lockdown is over.

Things to do after isolation lockdown quarantine

Things to do after this quarantine/lockdown is over.
Now this isolation has a lot of us feeling caged and like me,i can imagine a lot of us writing down our bucket lists on things we'd like to do after this.  Here are a few things
you could add to your list.

1. Go see a movie with friends: a lot of us have been sitting behind our phones and laptops watching movies on Netflix and such, alone most times. After this Lockdown is over make it a date to sit in a cinema with popcorn and drinks, go see a movie with your friends and loved ones.

2. Go to the beach: there are so many beaches to visit and the smell of the ocean can be calming for the soul, prepare your picnic baskets and beach outfits and go say Haloha (Hello) to the waves.

3. Reunions: it would be the right time to have those school reunions you and your friends have been putting off, surviving the pandemic would be something to meet up and have drinks over.

4. Go back to work: As crazy as this might sound a lot of us have missed the hustle and bustle of going to work, we've missed our colleagues and our evil supervisors and managers. Anything would be better than staying home.

5. Going back to school: education before this pandemic and lockdown would have felt like unnecessary torture but the moment this Lockdown is over, going back to school would be a breathe of fresh air.
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