Youth tackle robbers at Iyana Ipaja,Aboru,Gowon estate

Youth tackle robbers at Iyana Ipaja,Aboru,Gowon estate

Citizens fight robbers in unrest and they rob in iyana ipaja aboru,gowon estate and agege

Lagos unrest with robbery in Alimosho local government has led to the citizens of the area becoming vigalantees.
For a few days now, there have been mass robberies in some parts of the country, the announcement of the possible extension of the lockdown has made people desperate.

The residents of Abule Egba,Agege, Iyana
Ipaja,Aboeu,Gowon Estate,Otta and Ogun state have been victims of mass robberies, rapes and violence. Even in broad day light, the residents of these places have begged and called on the police force to lend them assistance but they were ignored.

The citizens have now taken charge and have picked up machetes and axes alike to form vigilante groups to protect themselves and their homes. Everyone except the vigilantes in these areas have been asked to stay in their homes and lock their doors.
Lagos unrest with robberies in agege iyana ipaja aboru gowon estate

Robbers attack agege,iyana ipaja,alimoso local government during corona lockdown

Robbery and unrest in lagos during corona lockdown as citizens fight thieves in iyana ipaja and agege

The robbers who are allegedly 50 were brave enough to rob even a police station where they carted away ammunition, this is another case of the poor robbing the poor.
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