Nigeria corona update-Lagos lockdown extended

Nigeria corona update-Lagos lockdown extended

Nigeria latest coronavirus news and update of lockdown

Nigeria corona update is thrown in confusion with many asking if the lockdown in Lagos state has been extended.
Governor Sanwo-Olu himself has not made a  concrete announcement over this,but the country might be in for a state of panic as the President has just declared a state of
lockdown, that is said to be indefinite.

In his words the President Buhari said, "The lockdown will continue for as long as is needed"

The announcement has sent the citizens of Nigeria into panic as the lockdown has only been for 2 weeks but the masses are suffering, there have been mass robberies and riots.
Lagos and Ogun states in parricular are more affected by this uncertainty.

The indefinite strike will affect not just the present but events in the future like the educational system which may affect the already halfway school year, we can only hope this pandemic ends quickly.
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