Goodies Tim Brooke Taylor dies of corona virus

Goodies Tim Brooke Taylor dies of corona virus

The goodies Tim brooke-taylor died of corona virus at 79 years old.

Tim Brooke-Taylor,of The goodies and a British comedian and performer, died on Sunday 12th April morning at the age of 79.The cause of his death was covid 19(corona virus)
Brooke-Taylor playes a big part of Cambridge University’s Footlights revue,it was a breeding ground of several generations of British comic talent. He started his journey in radio and television comedy in the 1960s. Amongst those who
were his colleagues then,were John Cleese and Graham Chapman who went on to become Monty Phyton legends.
Is tim brooke taylor dead

He then went on to form The Goodies with Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. They became well known for their slightly surreal sketches incorporating visual inventiveness, slapstick and songs. They also became pop stars briefly when their song “Funky Gibbon” became a U.K. top 10 chart hit in 1975.
Their TV show in the 1970s, was a success not only in Britain,but also in places such as Australia and New Zealand and they also had a cult following in many other countries.

What did tim brooke taylor die of and what was the cause of his death

Brooke-Taylor was also a panelist on BBC radio’s comic quiz show “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” for more than 40 years.
The much loved star is survived by his wife, Christine Weadon, and two sons.
His net worth is said to be between £2-3m.
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