A dead writer-an inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries

A dead writer-an inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries

the inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries,unsolved mystery forum

The unsolved mystery forum today,throws you a one of the inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries.Can you solve it?Enjoy the game.

Billy never came out,
It was doubted he ever saw the sun more than twice in a year.
When his blood ran cold we'll never know.

Billy wrote till he dropped on good days,

On the bad ones he never stopped.
Billy had demons, he worshipped them,
Little wonder he wrote of  witches and wizards.

On April 13th, 1805 Billy wrote of Adele,
Adele was a witch that came out of books to kill her readers.
He never knew the magic of a writer,
On April 14th Billy was found dead.

On his writing lay his body,
Cold and stale was he with a pen deep in his guts and ink running down his lips.
Billy died, his book was found and published.
No one died, who killed Billy?
Did Billy kill Billy?
Who'll unravel the story of the dead writer?

Adeyinka Atilola
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