No the boy child doesn't lack emotions-poetry

No the boy child doesn't lack emotions-poetry

a poem about emotions

_“Go back, don't let the tear drop... "_
Its all he heard growing up.
_“Emotions will cloud your judgment,_
_Will show you as being vulnerable."_
He's a weakling when the tears drop,
Even when he's hurting,
He has to be a man.
Forgetting he's built to show everything in him.

And he's grown into a man who doesn't know how to feel,
Expressionless. Heartless.
He's still weak...

He's of the male specie,
Don't blink stay strong.
Glue the pieces even as they fall,
*"You are a man"*
Be brave for everyone,
Except yourself!
You are a man,
in their eyes they see,
 Untouchable. Unbreakable
But you really just want to be like the rest,
 Light as a feather.
You are a man, don't break,
Till you fade.

Adeyinka Atilola
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