unsolved mysteries game-a choke,a sob

unsolved mysteries game-a choke,a sob

the unsolved mysteries game

A choke, a sob.
She pleaded for help.
Blood splattered, a knife in her chest.
Blood red, blood dead as she took her last breath.

The sky shifted
Or was it his stance?
A hand rested upon his thigh
Another on his pelvis

His irises rolled back
Veins popped in their stead
Images of a dancing brunette
Flashed in his frail mind

He blacked out,
When he arose, beside him lay the dancing brunette
Her eyes closed, body cold.

There lay lifeless Jenny.
A hallucination, a murder.
A tale of a drunk and a dancer.
Who killed dancing Jenny?

Adeyinka Atilola
_*Amarachi Mbah*_

IG: amami_coca
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