Adele weight loss 2020 photo:singer looks unrecognisable

Adele weight loss 2020 photo:singer looks unrecognisable

adele weigh loss 2020 picture
Adele shares her first weight loss photo of the year(2020) as she looks totally unrecognisable!

The "someone like you" singer has lost even more weight and she looked so unrecognisable that you would walk right past her on the streets in a new photo she shared to Instagram, which also happens to be her first photo for the year.

 She then went on to thank those who wished her well on her birthday, and also to thank
those on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19.
adele weigh loss picture 2020 before and after
 Adele, turned 32 on May 5.Personally,i feel maybe she lost the weight too fast or not in an appropriate way,cos she kind of looks gaunt to me.There is not that spark and glow in her eyes and skin that she used to have.But maybe it's cos we are so used to her old look.We might get used to this.
Whatever the case,i wish her well and hope she is happy.

singer adele before and after weight loss picture

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