I discovered Betty Wright clean up woman at 12

I discovered Betty Wright clean up woman at 12

betty wright cause of death
Betty Wright cause of death has been established as endometrial cancer.She had sang classics such as,Tonight is the night,Loving is really my game,Clean up woman,Thank you for the many things you've done and Pain.

what is endometrial cancer?It's a type cancer of the uterine that starts in the inner lining of the uterus. This lining is called the endometrium.

She had also been sampled numerous times by the new generation.Acts such as Mary J Blige ,Beyonce,2Pac,Color me Badd,all sampled Betty.Her most sampled song is probably Clean up woman,with that guitar lick at the intro of the song.
She was 66 and died from cancer at her home in Miami.Steve Greenberg, president of her record company,S-Curve Records, said she had been diagnosed last fall of the condition.
    On May 2, singer Chaka Kahn tweeted that her friend needed prayers. "My beloved sister, Betty Wright, is now in need of all your prays," the tweet said. "In Jesus Name We Pray for Sister Betty."
    It's been a terrible year,people are dropping dead,left right and centre.We lost Little Richard,Andre Harrell and Betty Wright,all in a space of 3 days.Incredible!

    Beyonce sampled Betty Wright's girls can't do what the guys do for her Upgrade U song.

    Betty Wright,Little Richard and Andre Harrell all passed on same week.

    chaka khan and betty wright

    betty wright died

    photo of betty wright and dj khaled

    I remember the first time i heard a Betty Wright record.It was 1978 and i was 12 years old.I grew up in Nigeria and she was huge over there,especially with the "Tonight is the night live" album.
    I was at a party my uncle was holding,somewhere in Lagos.It was packed full and i was only present there because i was staying with my uncle for the weekend,so i could sneak in.
    The song came on and all these couples were dancing close and tight,but the crazy thing which i didn't understand at the time was why all this song that went on for ever word for word.
    The song stuck in my head,and a few years later when i got to know the boy and girls stuff,i got it.
    It had been a favourite of mine since.I became a fan and know loads of Betty songs.
    She was also a very dynamic performer live.I was talking to a friend of mine only recently,maybe in January,about how i want to go see her live in London,but was not sure cos she was older now and i want to remember her how she was.
    So i went on to youtube to check out some performances.I was shocked by two things.One,how energetic she was on stage and two-how young she was,i thought she was in her 70s,i didn't know she started so young.
    I will never be able to see that show now,but thanks for the memories and the music Betty,you were the real clean up woman!
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