Big Sheff weight loss:before and after of Salawa Aebeni son

Big Sheff weight loss:before and after of Salawa Aebeni son

photo of big sheff before and after weight loss

The weight loss of Big Sheff,Salawa Abeni and Fuji musician Ayinla Kollington's rapper son,has astonished Nigerian music fans.The rapper,real name Sheriff Ilori, before and after pictures,are like night and day.

In the past Sheff had openly embraced his very overweight body,by flaunting his physique on stage and taking off his top at every opportunity.
He had modelled himself on fellow overly big rapper,American Rick Ross.But Ross,has since transformed himself into a slimmer and healthier being.Maybe this played a part in
Sheff undergoing a drastic change himself.It could also be that the doctor warned him of the risk his overly inflated size might be to him.
whatever it took,it's good to see him addressing what was an obvious issue.I also hope this would serve as an inspiration to others who are battling weight problems,cos i know it can be daunting.
big sheff and his mother salawa abeni
At times you look at yourself and think it is just impossible to lose all the weight that you need to.Cases like these,will tell you it is possible.
Congratulations Biggie.Would he still be called that?
Below are the pictures he shared on Instagram of himself looking much slimmer. 

photo of big sheff weight loss
image of Salawa Abeni son weight loss

Friends and followers were impressed with his weight loss transformation and they said so in the comment section.

Salawa Abeni and ayinla kollington son big sheff loses weight

Below are old photos of Big Sheff.

rapper big sheff loses weight

who is big sheff mother
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