Victor Osuagwu daughter's photos shocks fans how grown she is

Victor Osuagwu daughter

Victor Osuagwu family has always been a thing protected by the Nollywood comedy actor,we have seen his wife,but not much of his children.Imagine the surprise to find Victor has a grown daughter named Angel.
The beautiful lady,Angel Osuagwu,took to instagram to reveal the secret and share some memories of her father's past acting work.Fans were surprised to learn that she was his
daughter and quickly showed their appreciation by making the post viral,retweeting it over 7,000 times and liking it more than 36,000 times!

Below are some of the exchanges and pictures of her. 
Actor Victor Osuagwu daughter

The tweet quickly went viral with over 7,000 retweets and more than 36,000 likes as Twitter users reacted 

Some spoke about Victor's legacy, others expressed surprise that he has a grown daughter.

Below are photos of Victor Osuagwu's daughter, Angel Osuagwu.

Victor Osuagwu children

Victor Osuagwu news

photo of Victor Osuagwu family

image result of Victor Osuagwu child

nollywood comedian Victor Osuagwu daughter

Victor Osuagwu

Victor Osuagwu

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