Cynthia Morgan Jude Okoye:Her ex manager reveals all

Cynthia Morgan Jude Okoye:Her ex manager reveals all

cynthia morgan jude okoye and joy tongo in record label contract dispute

Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye record label fight,took another turn when her ex manager,Joy Tongo released a statement shedding more light into the dispute.

Seems Cynthia did a dirty on both Jude and her ex manager according to this revelation.Like a common trend that is present in the Nigerian music industry now,every artist wants to have their own record label after a hit or two.But a label has to not only make back what they invested,they have to make a profit too.
Some artist seem not to remember all the sacrifices made by the label when the artist was a nobody.And once success comes,people begin to whisper in your ears and then you want all the money to yourself.
Having said that,some labels too take advantage of the artists by making them sign very bad deals due to their desperation.When you are desperate you will do almost anything.
There has to be a balance to this.
Now,getting back to Cynthia and Jude,if he says she is free to use her name and can prove she owes him money still,let her settle her debts,take her name,and all parties can move on,right?
See the interesting details the ex manager Joy Tongo ,posted below...

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