Funny footballers quarantine haircuts:Kante,Mane,Firmino,Young,Aubameyang

Funny footballers quarantine haircuts:Kante,Mane,Firmino,Young,Aubameyang

footballers quarantine haircuts
Footballers quarantine haircuts is one of the few entertaining points of the terrible covid 19 lockdown.Stars such as  Ashley Young.Ngolo Kante,Robert Firmino,Sadio Mane,Anthony Martial and Patrick Aubameyang,are just some of the stars who have not been able to go to the barbers.

Some of them had shocking effects on fans,for example,people didn't believe that Ashley young could actually grow hair,lol.Same as seeing N'golo Kante with hair,these are guys that always had very cropped skin cuts.But i think the funniest was Arsenal star, Patrick Aubameyang hair meme.
He had a hard time from the fans,but he took it all well and joined the banter.
Here are some photos of the stars who could not get a haircut due to the coronavirus lockdown.Enjoy..

ngolo kante quarantine lockdown haircut

roberto firmino quarantine haircut

image result sadio mane quarantine haircut

ashley cole lockdown haircut

patrick aubameyang haircut quarantine haircut

image result for patrick aubameyang quarantine haircut

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