Full story Cynthia Morgan Jude Okoye,P Sqaure fight,May D Tunde Ednut

Full story Cynthia Morgan Jude Okoye,P Sqaure fight,May D Tunde Ednut

cynthia morgan jude okoye
Cynthia Morgan Jude Okoye record label fight,May D and P Square battle,Peter and Jude fight,Davido offering Cynthia a collabo,Tunde Ednut interviewing Jude to hear his side of the story.It's all here folks and it is explosive!

It all started with Cynthia Morgan,the Nigerian reggae dance hall artist,doing an interview on instagram live.In the interview,she revealed how she went into depression for 6 moths after her fall out with her ex label boss Jude.
She said he held on to her name and her social media accounts,she had no royalties coming in from her VEVO accounts and other sources.
She said Jude's explanation for all this was that she was paying back all the money he spent on her videos.
She further claimed he never spent any money on her and that the only money he spent on her was
the videos.She payed all her bills herself and her rent.Jude denied all this,but you will read about that in a bit.

When asked why she did not take him to court,she said she could have and would have won,cos she had a lot of dirt on him.But she decided not to because she felt it was something she had to go through.
She instead went back to Benin,which is where she comes from,it was here she got treatment for her depression which lasted for 6 months.]8/
She said: “Jude Okoye took over my VEVO account, made me stop using Cynthia Morgan as a stage name because he claimed I did not pay him all the money spent on producing my videos.
“I would have won if I battled him back then but I felt it was not necessary. I paid my accommodation back then, the only thing he did for me was shoot videos that he did not even promote.I fell ill in December 2018 and it lasted for like six months. I became depressed because I felt I was not where I needed to be".
It should be noted that the money Cynthia is claimed to owe her label is a whooping 40 million Naira!

When asked about rumours of her taking crack,she laughed and said she does not even know what the drug looked like.But she said she was not surprised cos even her own dad thought she was on drugs.She claims Marijuana was the only thing she had taken or been around.

While all these was going on,she was now seriously trending on social media.People were coming out with all sorts of opinions.Some were saying artists should know that labels are not charity companies and need to recoup their investments back.While some were saying Jude is wicked to have derailed the girls career and stopped her from working to the point of taking her name.
At a point,Cynthia changed her name to Madrina.

cynthia morgan record label and jude okoye

cynthia morgan says jude okoye held on to her name and social media accounts

cynthia morgan manager supports jude okoye

Then her ex manager waded in,calling her a liar.Joy Tongo was Cynthia's manager from 2011 to 2016.
She claimed Cynthia owes her and Jude and she has wronged many people,she then claimed to have proofs in forms of emails and the internet,which she claimed don't lie.She said she used her own hands to kill her once bubbling career and now wants to blame others for her misfortune.
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Then Davido dropped in.The funny thing here is,a few years ago,Davido reached out to Cynthia and she called him a f**k boy.She said she liked his music but does not deal with f*ck boys!
Now,Davido has either forgotten that incident or he just has a good heart.Anyway ,he reached out to her on the net,saying he has a hot jam for her and he is going to record his own verse and that she should call him.

Then the drama moved on to May D,who had a turbulent history with P Square many years ago.
May D had worked with P Square and he was living with them and also went touring the world together.If you remember,he also had a big song with them which featured Akon,"Chop my money".
But the interesting thing is that,all that time they were working together,they never had a contract.
So when P Square and Jude Okoye finally decided to sign May D,he turned down the contract.

So with this background,May D quickly spoke out following the Cynthia Morgan revelations about Jude.
He said now people can see why he left them and what he went through.He claimed he never got no money while with them.He further said,he was sleeping in the boys quarters with the drivers and cooks while P Square had a spare and empty duplex next door.He said he had to sleep on card boards and use his shirts and a cover.

By this time,as you can imagine,social media was hot,Cynthia Morgan and Jude were trending on twitter,instagram and facebook.

Then the big one came along.Tunde Ednut,the popular instagram influencer had an exclusive live interview with Jude on platform.And Jude was promising to spill everything!

24,000 people logged on live to watch this interview,many Nigerian celebrities were present,stars like Davido,Korede Bello,Paul and Peter Okoye,Emmanuel Emenike,the ex super eagles striker and even Instablog9ja,who Ednut jokingly called out by saying "your papa" to,maybe he wasn't joking lol.

So the interview was for an hour and as you can expect,i can't cover everything,but i will give you the juicy bits.
Ednut asked Jude why he was holding on to Cynthia's name and her career?He replied that he wasn't.He said she had been free since 2017 when her contract ended.He said he didn't even want to sign her initially,cos he had never signed anyone before,but her manager Joy kept on begging him to listen to her.So he said he was in America,chilling on holiday when her manager attained a visa for her,bought her ticket and brought her over.He listened to her,said she was good and he signed her.
He said he never held on to her name cos nobody can lay claims to a name given to you by your parents.He also said he would send a copy of the contract they signed to Tunde Ednut,so he can see the details himself.

He said he had spent 40 million on Cynthia Morgan,said he bought her a Range Rover as well.He said she shot 13 videos for her at a cost of 3 million Naira each!
He then asked that as a business man,won't he want to collect back his investment?He said he had not made his money back and also denied holding on to her social media accounts.
He said Cynthia had gone behind his back many times to do shows and not telling him or giving him nothing back from her pay.
tunde ednut jude okoye interview featuring p square peter cynthia morgan and may d
Jude Okoye appeared live on Tunde Ednut instagram 

He said as per the name change,she once came to him and said she wants to change her name to Madrina.He then asked her why would she want to do that,after they had spent years building that brand name that everybody now knows?
Her reply was it was a Jamaican name for mother,and she was the mother of dance hall music,hence the change.
He then adviced her to not do this but instead use the name as a name sake,just as Davido had done with OBO.But she was adamant.

He said Cynthia got carried away with a little success and decided to go her own way,but now on doing this and having failed,she needs someone to blame.
When asked again if Cynthia was free and free to use her name,he repeated,she has been free since 2017.

The questions now moved on to a much more sensitive subject.His brother Peter and P Square break up.
While all these drama was going on,Peter had come onto Instagram and offered prayers to Cynthia.The gist is that Peter was the one who wanted to sign Cynthia initially,before she was taken over by Jude.Peter was in not so many words telling her that she can now see why he left her and let her go.He was shading his brother.
Jude then told Ednut that he does not know why Peter is always on his case.He said he hasn't spoken to him in 3 years or said anything public about him,yet Peter drags his name and the family name in mud with every little opportunity.

Ednut asked him why they were not friends anymore and how the break up came.He said it had nothing to do with Peter and Paul,Peter and Paul have no problem,it is him that Peter has a problem with,he just wanted him out of P Square.He said but anytime he asked him what have i done to you?Tell me so we can work this out,Peter refused to tell him,he just says he has to go.

He said his reason for this was because Usher and Beyonce did this by sacking their mother and father respectively.
It was at this point that Paul asked Peter to tell him a good reason why Jude should be sacked,and when Peter had no solid reason,Paul said Jude is going nowhere.
But this not withstanding,Jude claimed he had resigned at least 5 times as their manager,but kept coming back after intervention.

Ednut then asked Jude if he can ask him any questions,because the fans online have so many questions they are throwing at him to ask Jude.He said it was okay and he can ask him anything.
Ednut then asked,why did you not go to Peter's wedding and is it true you don't like his wife?
Jude's face and body language changed here,i actually thought he was going to answer the question,but he replied that he was not going to answer that question,that it was out of context.
Tunde Ednut replied,but you said i can ask anything,he replied yes,but i am not talking about another man's wife.lol....

He was then asked if his children and Peter's were friends,he replied"keep my children out of this".
So i will leave you to make what you will of that answer.
He was also asked if he thinks their parents would be happy if they could see what was happening now,he said that was a stupid question,that of course no parent will be happy with what was happening.

But the biggest downer of the night was when he was asked if he will try to bring P Square together.He said an emphatic NO!
A disappointed Tunde said,you are the elder brother,you should be able to,but he replied that he had two other elder brothers,so it was not all down to him.He also said,how can he bring them together when he was the problem?He is the reason they were not together so its impossible for him to do.
He said its like asking a referee to separate a fight,when the referee himself was part of the fight.
He said nothing lasts forever,people come and go and P Square cannot be for ever,so at a point they were going to end anyway.
This revelation brought many disgruntled comments by those watching live,most said Jude was the problem and he sounded angry through most of the interview.They said they don't blame Peter cause Jude had made it clear he hates his wife.
May D on why he did not sign with p square label and jude okoye
P Square and May D contract dispute.

Oh before i forget,let me drop a few things about what he said regarding May D.He said May D was right that he was only offered a contract when things started to look up for him.He asked what was wrong with that?
He said they had invested in him so it is natural to offer him a deal once their investment started to look good.

He said he then offered May D a contract,but he turned it down saying there was no incentive.He then confessed that before then,he had never heard of the word incentive,so he asked him what he meant?May D then said he was not being offered a house ,money etc to sign.He said May D actually wanted a a car like the one Paul was driving,a BMW X6.He also wanted a house in Lekki,when P Square themselves were living in Omole,hahahahahah.

He said but while asking for these incentives,he had forgotten that they took him round the world,let him live in their house,gave him a Hummer Jeep to drive around and bought him expensive designers,all these without a contract.
He said May D soon realised it takes more than talent when he branched out on his own and saw how tough things were out there.

So there you are folks,i tried to cover as much as i could and i hope my efforts have been enjoyable and insightful to you.
If there are new developments,i will update this post.Cheers

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