Immigration officers bop daddy challenge transferred:video

Immigration officers bop daddy challenge transferred:video

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The Five Nigeria immigration service officers in the Falz the Bad Guy bop daddy challenge video,have been transferred to various places in a disciplinary measure.

The ladies identified as Priscilla Irabor, Catherine J. Bakura, Blessing Alfred Udida, Binti I. Attabor, and Ockiya Eneni, were issued a query for participating in the challenge in their uniforms. In the query letter, the ladies were accused of flaunting of their bodies and desecration of the NIS uniform in the video. Read.
I find the whole thing ridiculous really,it was nothing as extensive as it is being made out to
be.The ladies were certainly not being indecent,it was just a little bit of fun,and had those in charge been younger or at any point liberal at all,they will understand this and at the very most give them a wrap round the knuckle.This even makes the immigration service more accessible and attractive to younger people.

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In a new letter addressed to them, the service transferred Irabor from the Lagos State Command to the Nigeria Immigration Training School, Kano; Attabor from the service headquarters in Abuja to Yobe State Command while Eneni was moved from the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card production facility to the Borno State Command.

Udida was transferred from the FCT Command to the Akwa Ibom State Command while Bakura was transferred from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, to the Nigeria Immigration Training School Ahoada, Rivers State. The letter informed the ladies that expenses for their relocation will be on them and that it must be done within seven days.
If i were the ladies,i would resign.Immigration officers bop daddy challenge video below..
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