life hacks that are easy useful actually work

life hacks that are easy
These are 5 life hacks that are easy and actually work.You will also find them very useful and will make your life easier.

1. If you put a wooden spoon over a pot, it'll stop it from boiling over.

2. Wrapping a wet towel around a glass bottle and putting it in the freezer, will help it cool in 2 minutes.

3. Adding a spoon of baking Soda to your boiling egg will aid the shell come off easily.

This makes the alkalinity increase,thus making the egg easier to peel off.

4. If you want chilled wine and you don't want to ice cubes to water it down, add frozen grapes instead!

life hacks that actually work

life hacks that are useful

5. Did you know you could put your straightening irons to more work by using them to press your shirt collars? Try it today.

Life hacks are basically things you didn't know could have more than one function or little things that might make life a little easier.

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