What Nigerian men dislike about most Nigerian women.

What Nigerian men dislike about most Nigerian women.

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5 things most Nigerian men dislike about most Nigerian women.

1. Entitlement: the habit of Nigerian women feeling entitled to gifts or money from men they might have relationships with or men courting them can be a turn off to a lot of men.

2. Dignity: the habit of most Nigerian women claiming that their dignity has been taken if men have
sex with them or using it to guilt trip men with things like "I gave you my body" can be a little off putting.

3. Partying: while a lot of us love Owanbes, there are men that get irritated when their women party too much.

4. Abusive women: abuse is not a one type situation and while domestic abuse is horrendous, emotional abuse can be worse and it ruins self esteem. A lot of women have habits of giving silent treatments or emotionally abusing their men when issues arise. This can be very tiring.

5. Comparison: Some Nigerian women have an habit of comparing their men to other men around them. This is another case of Emotional abuse and entitlement that may make the men feel insecure and no one should be subjected to that.
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