Why Buhari doesn't wear face mask explained

Why Buhari doesn't wear face mask explained

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Buhari face mask,has been a mystery and talking point for Nigerians.But now, Lauretta Onochie, the Personal Assistant to the President on Social media, has revealed why the president doesn’t wear face mask.

We all know about the campaigns to stay safe that has been drummed into us at every opportunity.The NCDC, Ministry of Health, and the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 have repeatedly advised Nigerians to wear a face mask to prevent getting infected with the Coronavirus.

President Buhari has engaged in several meetings since the Coronavirus pandemic started
and pictures shared from those meetings show him as the only one not wearing face mask.

Backing the president, Onochie pointed out that expert medical protocol states that there is no need for face mask when in a safe environment, hence Buhari’s reason for not wearing it.

In a post on her Twitter handle, Onochie insisted that President Buhari was not breaking any rules by not wearing face mask. She explained that the rule stressed that only those visiting must wear face mask to ensure they don’t leave behind droplets in a safe environment.

''PRES @MBuhari  IS NOT BREAKING RULES! Expert Medical Protocol is that if you are in your safe environment, you dont need to wear a mask Those visiting you MUST wear masks to ensure they leave no droplets in your environment Wearing of masks is mostly to protect people around us'' she tweeted
I hear their explanation,but i think they should set an example.It will go a long way if the citizens see the No 1 man in the country wearing a face mask.Otherwise many will keep thinking ,it can't be that serious if an old man like Buhari refuses to wear a mask,despite the many people he is exposed to everyday.
Come to think of it,this seems to be common among leaders.I haven't seen President Trump of America,Vladimir Putin of Russia or Boris Johnson of Great Britain wear masks either.Rather interesting that is.
Remember Boris Johnson in particular had a close shave with death when he was infected with covid 19,still the UK prime minister has chooses not to wear a mask or maybe he does in private.
President Donald Trump and Prime minister Boris Johnson,have both refused to wear face masks for covid 19 protection.

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