Wife of El Rufai shows no empathy for Kaduna

Wife of El Rufai shows no empathy for Kaduna

Hadiza El-Rufai wife of Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai,

Hadiza El-Rufai, wife of Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has defended herself against Nigerians who attacked her on Twitter today,after she was attacked for celebrating having 80,000 followers.

Mrs. El-Rufai was bashed by Nigerian Twitter users for not commenting on the lingering crisis in Southern Kaduna but coming on Twitter to celebrate having 80, 000 followers. 

Well, Mrs El-Rufai has responded to their criticism. According to her, she is married to a governor but is not part of the government
''Did any of you see “First Lady” in my bio? My TL is for language, humour and other light-hearted issues. I don’t tweet about serious matters like governance and politics. Though I’m married to a governor I’m not a part of government. I swore no oath.''she tweeted

This is a very insensitive statement by the 1st lady,or one of them anyway,El Rufai has 3 wives,the man is small but mighty!Now back to the insensitive wife,even though you are not the governor,you are his wife and you represent him.Your family is the first family of Kaduna,whether you like it or not,you owe the obligation to represent your husband and the state as best as you can at all times.
It is rather insensitive to give that comment,when people and little children are dying horrific deaths in your state currently.
If your child had been among the dead or your sister,would you come on line celebrating something as trivial as followers in that climate?
Nigerian leaders need to be held accountable,they have no empathy or feelings for those they govern.When you don't have common decency and humane feelings for those you are meant to serve,how can you serve them?
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