Ehi Ogbebor house pictures and interior video

Ehi Ogbebor house pictures and interior video

ehi ogbebor new house photos
Ehi Ogbebor's house,is one of the most beautiful houses you will come across anywhere.She gifted herself with a 7-bedroom mansion to celebrate her 35th birthday which is June 15.
Ogbebor also showed the interior of the house in a video that highlighted the beautiful interior.The house is decked in mostly white with black sofa's and gold trimmings.Everything
about Ehi's house stands out starting from the beautiful electronically operated gates,as well as the twin statues at the gate.
I am not going to spoil the treat for you,there is a video below this post,feast your eyes and tell me afterwards if Ehi Ogbebor's house is not one of the most beautiful you have ever seen.Ehi said the house took 18 months to complete.She started her house project in December 2018 and completed it under a year and six months.

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ehi ogbebor wedding to first husband ken bramor
Her first marriage to ex husband Ken Bramor.

Not all is rosy for the beautiful interior designer though.Remember she had a very public divorce from her first marriage to billionaire Ken Bramor.They were married for less than 3 years before it all fell apart and ended in a nasty divorce.Ehi Ogbebor married her first husband Ken Bramor on November 18,2017,in Benin city.But a year later,it was all over, with Ehi accusing her ex husband of being a beast and an occultist who tried to kill their daughter.

ehi ogbebor mansion house

pictures of ehi ogbebor new house
ehi ogbebor house pictures

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Watch a video of her taking a tour of the mansion below

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