Truth about that Maradona tennis ball fat video

Roly Serrano Maradona:Have you seen the Maradona fat viral video of him kicking a tennis ball high in the air?The first time i saw the Argentinian superstar in that video,i couldn't get over how fat he was.I was not certain as well that it was him.
I asked a few friends and all they could tell me was,didn't you know he used to be fat?Of cos i knew,but this video was something else entirely.It just did not look right to me,i felt there must have been some technological enhancement to make him fatter.
So i have been investigating since then and i finally found the answer.It wasn't him.Thank heavens!Even though it was supposed to have been a long time ago,i was still pleased that it wasn't him.That was too much.

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The real Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona now and recent pictures
So who was the guy in the  video?Well,the clip is from the 2015 film,Youth. The Italian comedy-drama featured Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel in the lead role. The character of the football legend was played by Roly Serrano. The project was directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

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