Keke Palmer reveals pregnancy in shocking way!

Keke Palmer reveals pregnancy in shocking way!

Keke palmer pregnant

Keke Palmer just took announcing your pregnancy to the next level.There had been rumours that the Lightyear actress was pregnant.

Well,she set the records straight with a fantastic

announcement on National Tv herself.

Keke hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live yesterday - 3rd December.

As she stepped out to introduce the show,she said “People have been in my comments, saying, ‘Keke’s having a baby,’ ‘Keke’s pregnant,’ and I want to set the record straight.” At this point, she burst open her jacket to reveal a baby bump and declared; “I am!”

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“I gotta say though, it is bad when people on the internet spread rumours about you ya’ll, but it’s even worse when they’re correct," she said.

“I was trying so hard to keep it on the down-low ’cause I got a lot of stuff going on,” she then continued. “You know, people kept coming up to me, ‘Congratulations,’ and I’m like, ‘Shh, can y’all stop? I got a liquor sponsorship on the line.”

The audience went crazy and it was a beautiful moment for the actress who has had an amazing year.

In case you wondered who the lucky dad is,the 29-year-old actress is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Darius Jackson.They met a year and a half ago. 

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