Sunday, 6 September 2015

50 cent plans Craziest house warming party for his crib in Africa!

50 cent house in Africa.
I really hate it when people talk about a country in Africa and rather than mention that country,they say Africa.Its stupid and pure ignorance! Africa is not a country,its a continent.Take 50cent for example,he has bought or built a house in an African country,that's cool and kudos to him,but its stupid to then just refer to it as Africa rather than mention the country.I don't blame 50 too much,like i said ,its ignorance and its been around for a long time.The media most especially have stupidly fanned this flame,by not doing their job properly and making countries in Africa non existing.I mean,you don't see 50 cent doing a show in Germany and tweeting i'm performing in Europe you? He will tweet i'm performing in Germany! So why the F don't they accord African countries the same respect?
Same way as the Live Aid for Somali was feeding dying people in Africa instead of one country,frankly the whole thing is disgusting and i hate it!

So kudos to you 50 cent on your new crib and have a blast at your party,but where the hell is your house,cos Africa sure is a big continent!


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