Monday, 14 September 2015

Beyonce and Solange loved up in their perfect world of bliss!

Beyonce and Solange are sisters who seem to have it all.Great careers ,fame and beautiful clothes,what more does a girl need? But the sisters have more,they have the icing on the cake.They are both married to men who adore them.Beyonce has been in the marriage game longer than her younger,and despite many stories of her and husband Jay Z breaking up,the couple are waxing stronger,as seen by this lovely picture of Beyonce and Jay Z kissing on their Italian vacation.
Solange on the other hand only just got married to her much older husband Alan Ferguson.Solange

has been married previously and has a 10 year old son Julez, from that union.Solange and Alan Ferguson look like the super cool retro couple.Their style is much more different to the glamorous style of Beyonce and Jay Z.Both pictures of the sisters and their husbands emerged in the same weekend.Sweet isn't it? Sister are doing it for themselves!

Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson with her son Julez.


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