Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Channels Tv news anchor caught blowing kiss to male colleague on air!

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This is a very upsetting incident for me and at the very least i feel this news caster should be suspended from the Tv station and i will tell you why.She should be suspended for her unprofessionalism and lack of empathy!
At the time the Channels Tv news anchor was caught off guard blowing that kiss to a male colleague,she had just finished reporting on 8 school children who had been killed in a Jos school building that collapsed! Eight school children! And this news anchor felt no sadness,no empathy,she just reported the incident as if she was reporting a rain fall in
Lagos! If she did,would she be in that mood to blow a kiss to a male colleague while on air? It is totally disgusting.She definitely should be suspended at the very least.Would she have been blowing kisses if one of those dead school children in the Jos collapsed school building was her relative??
The incident occur during a live coverage of the Jos building collapse which claimed the lives of about 8 children over the weekend. Midway through the coverage, they returned on air without telling the anchors and 
the female anchor was captured blowing her male colleague a kiss. The shocked anchor let out a gasp and then quickly regained composure to continue with the news.You can see a video below of the moment the Channels Tv news anchor was caught off guard blowing a kiss to a male colleague live on air.
Video below of Channels Tv news anchor blowing kiss to male colleague live on air!

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