Friday, 25 September 2015

Hilarious Video of Comedian Akpororo riding a Cow on Lagos streets!

Comedian Akpororo riding his cow to Warri,

Akpororo the comedian has always been a funny man,but seeing the comedian riding a cow on the streets is one of the funniest things i have ever seen! The comedian jumped on the cow and used its horns as the steering wheel,its the funniest thing ever.However,i have no idea what inspired the funny man to decide on this.He loaded the video on instagram and the video which you can see here has since gone viral.
He did however explain why he decided to ride the cow,He wanted to go to Warri,but did not have enough money to buy a horse,so the next best option was for him to buy a cow and ride it all the way to Warri from Lagos! Hilarious,the man is crazy.I wonder though if he will be riding that cow to his comedy shows.

So I was going through Instagram pages when I stumbled on these new videos on his page from yesterday.Akpororo aka Akpos said he needed to go to Warri. Unfortunately, he didn't have money to buy a horse so he bought a cow and took an insane ride on it. You will be left in stitches if you dare to watch the videos after the cut.


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