Friday, 18 September 2015

Kanye West New York Fashion week disaster as Yeezy 2 flops!

Poor Kanye West,seems no one is feeling his Yeezy 2 clothing line this time around.On the net all you see is people ridiculing the Yeezy collection.Chris Brown has had a pop at Kanye regarding the collection and now it's Ice T.But i can see where are coming from though.The Yeezy 2 collection truly looks hideous! Whos's gonna wear those things? I doubt we will be seeing Kim Kardashian in them.And those models look like they have just come out of a war
camp starved and depressed!

Ice T not feeling Kanye's Yeezy 2 Collection.

Kanye West is an icon and people have flooded to the New York Fashion week solely to see the man,but they have mostly been disappointed with the Yeezy 2 collection.
Ice T gave the Yeezy 2 collection a different angle when he said in a tweet,they look like slave gear! And they do too.I understand Kanye always like to be different,but you can't be different just for the sake of difference to make a stance,you have to be able to back it up! And i am sorry,Yeezy 2 clothing line this time around is just not doing it!


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