Thursday, 10 September 2015

Osinbajo sends message to 7 dead family member in Lawanson fire.

 7 dead family member in Lawanson fire.

Lawanson fire incident.
You must have read about the terrible tragedy that happened in Lawanson Surulere when 7 members of a family perished in a fire! I shiver just typing those words.The Vice President Yemi Osinbajo took to twitter to commiserate with the 7 members of the family who were burnt to death in the Lawanson fire . Pictured above is Kelechi Onoja, the husband and head of the family who died in the fire incident alongside his wife, their three weeks old baby, three other children and his mother inlaw.Such a terrible thing and the worst thing is,it
is being suggested that they could have been saved but their neighbours refused to come out to help simply because they were not on good terms with the Onoja.s!
If this is true,i hope the souls of the dead trouble all those neighbours all the days of their lives1 That would be a real mean and wicked thing to do!


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