Monday, 7 September 2015

Police fail to take action against Nigerian father abusing 7yr old daughter!

This is such a disgusting story that makes me so mad reporting,a father who has been having sexual relations with his 7 year old daughter is about the most sickening thing you can hear,what surprises me even most is the family of the wife had not gotten together and beat the crap out of this monster! The other annoying and sickening thing is the attitude of African or is this case Nigerian police with their stupid mentality.Imagine asking the family to take the child home as it is a family matter to
settle? This is a 7 year old girl who had been abused for Christs sake!

Chukwuemeka Odunzie, started defiling his daughter, who is in primary 3, early last year at their house at Ojokoro Housing Estate, Meiran, Ijaiye, Lagos. The girl said: “My daddy usually gives me money after touching my private part or putting his penis in my mouth.” On her part, the girl’s mother, Mrs Odunzie, said: “Last year, my son told me that his younger sister was fond of playing with her private parts.
I then talked to her, scolded her and sometimes beat her. There was a time I told my husband. All he said was that I should take her to any of these white garment churches. I was alarmed when one day, while we were in the sitting room, she started touching and playing with herself? Immediately, I called her inside the room and asked her if anyone was fiddling with her private parts.
She said it was her father that always touched her private parts and that after touching her private parts, he would give her money. I confronted my husband but he denied. I reported a case of defilement to Ebenezer Divisional Police and he was arrested. The police gave me a report to take my daughter to the hospital.
The doctor said there had been no penetration but that there is an opening in her virgina and advised that the victim be tested for infection. By the time we came back from the hospital, the IPO said it was a family issue and that we should go home and settle the case. Members of his family were shouting, saying that I had no right to report the case to the police, that it was a family issue that should be treated as one. They pressurized me till I withdrew the case, after which he promised not to defile our daughter again.”
Chukwu admitted that it was only once that he abused the girl and that he was not doing it for occult reasons...
How disgusting ! A man that should rot in jail is giving that bail out card with the stupid verdict of it being a family matter.I think the police officer who gave that directive should be tried and suspended or sacked! The police,authority and families must be made to know that acts such as this is disgusting and will not be tolerated.I really hope they haven't destroyed that little girls life.Is she getting counselling? I doubt it,can she be disconnected with what she has learnt and the conflicting feelings? I really don't know and don't wanna think about it.I am too disgusted.
Chukwu admitted that it was only once that he abused the girl and that he was not doing it for occult reasons...Credit: Vanguard News


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